Drink Up Before You Work Out


You always take a bottle of water along with you on your power walk so you can drink while you exercise. But are you drinking enough beforehand?


A new study suggest that many of us are dehydrated before even starting our workouts. Researchers from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute Evaluated more than 300 men and women arriving at gyms in Chicago and Los Angeles and found that nearly half of them were not adequately hydrated.


Even mild dehydration can affect a workout, making it feel harder and decreasing your endurance level, says dixie Stanforth, M.S., a lecturer and personal trainer at the University of Texas at Austin, and a spokeswoman for Gatorade. "If you're well hydrated both before and during a workout, you'll perform better," she says.


"Trying to become hydrated in the thirty minutes before exercise is not going to work, " adds Stanforth. "You have to think about the big picture and aim to drink enough water all day long."


If you don't lik the tase of plain H20, Stanforth recommends trying a flavored bottled water. "They can be low in calories and the taste really makes to drink more."







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